Video Stamps - Sending a Little Piece of Yourself with Your Gift!

In this age of emails and texting when the old fashioned snail mail is at the brink of  extinction, Australian Postal Services have come up with a great innovative idea  that is sure to put  a new life in the half dead body of snail mail- Video Stamp!

When a gift is sent using Express Post or Express Courier International Service, the sender simply sticks a stamp - a Video Stamp (essentially a personal QR code)-on the packet, scans the stamp using a special smartphone app and then records a video message  of up to 15 seconds for the recipients at the prompt.

When the package arrives at the destination, the recipient scans the Video Stamp (using any QR code scanner) and can then watch the video message.

The Video Stamp comes free with Express Post or Express Courier International Services and Australia Post Video Stamp app (for Android and iOS) can be downloaded for free.  The video message will be available for ninety days after the recording for the recipient to view.  In case the recipient has not got a smartphone or a tablet, he can visit the URL link that comes with the stamp to watch the message.

The recipient can share the video message on social media or through emails.

Holidays are times for family reunions and the second best option is a video message from your near and dear ones.  These thoughtful Video Stamps, courtesy Australian Postal Service, are available till 24th December.