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OSTI - A Gem of Scientific Repositories

Talking about scientific and technical databases/ repositories, no one can afford to miss OSTI. Office Of Scientific And Technical Information ( A real giant. Dedicated and committed to America’s science and technology future in the realms of energy security, environmental stewardship, nuclear security and safety, and overall leadership in science, technology, creativity and innovation, the site is run by the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE). It strives to provide comprehensive access to the results of the DOE research and development investments.

A Guide to Top Academic Search Engines and Databases for Scholars

Academic search engines play a very important role in discovering academic resources, scholarly works, journal articles, etc. Below is a guide/ survey of some of the outstanding, free academic search engines. A few of them are inclusive of academic repositories and databases as well. 1. African Journals Online Run by a non profit organization in South Africa in partnership with a large number of African journals, it is probably the world’s largest collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly journals.

Great Free Multidisciplinary Academic Search Engines, Databases and Repositories

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; journey of a thousand learnings begins with a single click. The big question is how to find that single click? The answer is right below; click any of the links and begin your journey of a thousand learnings. They are free. They are academic. They are multidisciplinary. Details here Bon Voyage! African Journals Online. ( BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine.

25 Awesome Open Online Educational Resources - Videos, Ideas, Materials, Books and More

The open seas of on-line learning has quite an interesting Eco-system. MOOCs, without any doubt, are one of the most dominating species, but there are others, often working in the background, keeping the system thriving and sustaining. Open Educational Resources are one of those entities that makes online learning all that rich and vibrant. These educational resources complement and supplement MOOCs on the one hand and, going further, they enable a large body of learners, both traditional school/ college going students as well as self learners and, the teachers as well, by providing open, share-able, often modifiable, mix-able and remix-able (depending upon the licenses), syllabi, contents, books, videos, slides, and other assets.

Google’s Open Source Educational Tool Oppia: Interactive Learning - Smart, Easy, Online

The educational landscape is continuously proving its never failing potentials to surprise us. First it was the exploitation of Internet in the domain of teaching, from emailing to chatting to online educational resources. Then there was this big wave of MOOCs that is still going strong. We also saw SPOC and MOOR, MOOCs variants or rather MOOC inspired form of online delivery of education and research. Now Google has come up with an altogether new twist to the learning and teaching experience through its project Oppia.

Big Data and Udacity - a Well-timed Shot

Big Data holds the key to wisdom and prudence. With good enough data, one can slice through and glean useful bits of information. With intelligent extrapolation of available data, future can be as clear as the night sky under brightly lit stars. Trends, shape of things to come, tomorrow, a week from now; all can be modeled, predicted and visualized. Many useful and highly prudent insights buried under mountains of data and, therefore, unavailable, can be made to surface through smart queries, resulting in co-relations hitherto un-imagined.

MOOCs: Integrity, Implications and Global Impact - Unanswered Questions

MOOC is sweeping the academic landscape in unprecedented ways. In its stride, it has spread over to the four corners of the world in a matter of months. Surveys indicate sizable participation of people, almost entirely as students, from the stressed side of the digital and economic divide. The global impact is still to be ascertained. Some questions, however, can be raised at this stage; from delivery and governance of MOOC to its social, economical industrial and cultural impacts.

Complexity Explorer and Santa Fe Institute - Complexity Introduced

Life comprises of complex systems. From enigmatic climate change to erratic stock market behavior, from human evolution to the working of the immune systems, there is a lot more complexities at work than what appears to the untrained eye at first. To understand, better appreciate and further explore complexity and complex systems, Santa Fe Institute was established in 1984. It is a private, not for profit, independent research and education center.

MOOC Update - Three New Massive Open Online Courses Providers

TechnoDuet first published its A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers, sometime back. Our objective is to keep the list current and as such we have thrice appended the list over the past months. Now, we are here once again with three new additions to our list of MOOC providers. We have appended the list accordingly. Poynter’s News University This is an online journalism and media training program.

A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers

The recent emergence of Massive Open Online Courses, commonly known as MOOCs, is revolutionizing the online education world and is having a profound impact on higher education. With the growing adoption of MOOCs, the number of MOOC providers has also increased many folds. Below is a comprehensive and up-to-date list of MOOC providers; might be helpful to all interested. Peace and cheers. List of MOOC Providers EdX  - A Not-for-profit enterprise with MIT and Harvard universities as founding partners.