Big Data and Udacity - a Well-timed Shot

Big Data holds the key to wisdom and prudence. With good enough data, one can slice through and glean useful bits of information. With intelligent extrapolation of available data, future can be as clear as the night sky under brightly lit stars. Trends, shape of things to come, tomorrow, a week from now; all can be modeled, predicted and visualized. Many useful and highly prudent insights buried under mountains of data and, therefore, unavailable, can be made to surface through smart queries, resulting in co-relations hitherto un-imagined.

MOOCs: Integrity, Implications and Global Impact - Unanswered Questions

MOOC is sweeping the academic landscape in unprecedented ways. In its stride, it has spread over to the four corners of the world in a matter of months. Surveys indicate sizable participation of people, almost entirely as students, from the stressed side of the digital and economic divide. The global impact is still to be ascertained. Some questions, however, can be raised at this stage; from delivery and governance of MOOC to its social, economical industrial and cultural impacts.

MOOC Update - Three New Massive Open Online Courses Providers

TechnoDuet first published its A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers, sometime back. Our objective is to keep the list current and as such we have thrice appended the list over the past months. Now, we are here once again with three new additions to our list of MOOC providers. We have appended the list accordingly. Poynter’s News University This is an online journalism and media training program.

A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers

The recent emergence of Massive Open Online Courses, commonly known as MOOCs, is revolutionizing the online education world and is having a profound impact on higher education. With the growing adoption of MOOCs, the number of MOOC providers has also increased many folds. Below is a comprehensive and up-to-date list of MOOC providers; might be helpful to all interested. Peace and cheers. List of MOOC Providers EdX  - A Not-for-profit enterprise with MIT and Harvard universities as founding partners.

MOOC - Massive Leap for Online Courses

The past year has witnessed a silent revolution in the academic realm. Instead of traversing the globe to benefit from the rich minds at the likes of MIT and Berkeley, top professors are available right at the doorsteps of any one with an internet access! If the word MOOC has flashed before your eyes, you have guessed it right. Massive Open Online Courses is a big wave of opportunities for the people on the wrong side of geographical and financial divide.