Brusheez Review - an iPad/iPhone App that Makes Dental Care Fun for Kids

Let’s face it. Dental hygiene isn’t exactly the most fun thing out there, especially for little kids. So after chasing them around the house armed with a tooth brush, and perhaps a scolding or two, what’s the new strategy? Resorting to horror stories about icky bite-sized monsters who like to dig holes in ‘mouth caves’, and eventually establish their own ‘Mouthidom’? Nah. Shondicon presents a much faster and easier way: Brusheez - an interactive, educational app that’ll make brushing their teeth the new ‘in thing’ for kids.

5 Awesome Free iPhone/iPad Apps for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Feeling stressed? Relax and rejuvenate by immersing yourself in the beauty of nature right on your iPhone/iPad! Enjoy, for example, the calming sound of waterfall mixed with the lively chirping of birds along with flute playing in the background while playing interactively with water, watching a serene landscape or even while sleeping. Here is our selection of free* iphone/ipad apps to help you relax. 1. Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite This app includes 22 awesome pre-defined sound themes like Mountain Ambience, Jungle (Thailand), Water and Sky etc.

handyPrint: Print from an iPad without AirPrint Printer

Apple’s AirPrint technology makes it very convenient to print directly from an iOS device, without any hassle of configuration or driver installation. However, if your printer is not AirPrint-enabled, you can still use your existing printer to print from iPad or iPhone by taking advantage of a number of 3rd party softwares available for this purpose. HandyPrint is one such application for Mac OSX that enables you to use non-AirPrint compatible printer from iPod/iPhone/iPad, running iOS 4.

The 3 Best Educational iPad Apps Released in Q1 2013

Year 2013 has started with the release of quite a number of quality educational iPad apps. Here is our selection of the top 3 iPad apps, released during January - March 2013, that are informative, interactive, as well as extremely well-designed. All these apps were free at the time of writing of this post. EarthViewer  EarthViewer is an interactive educational iPad app, developed by BioInteractive team at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

A Rejuvenating Walk in a Japanese Garden - on Your iPad!

Japan Garden - my first thought on witnessing this iPad app was “Woah! Cool!”. So what is this app about? As the name suggests, it’s about a Japanese style garden with streams, a waterfall, and of course koi. You can walk around the circular garden by tapping the glowing green arrows on the path, adjust your perspective in a real life manner, enjoy the virtual clean fresh air, …. and feed the fish.

Noteshelf App for iPad: The Experience that Mesmerised Me!

Lately, I had been looking for an iPad handwriting app that can give me the feel of real paper and ink. I tried quite a number of apps, from simple to sophisticated ones, but they all lacked in terms of the real experience. In the meantime, I went through some app reviews and decided to try Noteshelf. Purchased it, installed it and lo! It was electric! By the way, I’m very fond of fountain pens and at times, I’ve spent quite a fortune on them.