Sweet, Clean Water Using the Sea and the Sun at Zero Operating Cost: Eliodomestico - the Solar Water Still

Fresh, clean, sweet water is a blessing. Life depends upon it.  In the developing world many lose their lives because of its scarcity. Access to clean water for the masses in the developing world is, therefore, a great challenge.

To take up this issue Gabriele Diamanti has come up with his Eliodomestico, a solar household still.  It is an “open project free to the people who need it”.

The hall mark of this still is its simplicity - no electricity, no filters zero environmental impact and very easy maintenance.  Compared to a normal solar still, Eliodomestico produces twice the water at half the cost.

It works like an upside down coffee maker.  Sea water is poured at the top in a black watertight metal boiler.  The sun heats up the salty water throughout the day and raises the vapor pressure.  The steam so produced is forced down through the expansion nozzle of a tube going down to the water collector area below, where it condenses against the lid and is ultimately collected in a removable tray.  It produces 5 liters of highly valuable clean water in a day at zero operating cost.

The collecting basin is specifically designed for its over the head transportation, a common practice in the developing world.

Made from economical, widely available materials, Eliodomestico can be a life saver in many developing countries.