Six Great Free Online Presentation Software

Presentations play a central role in almost all areas of group communications. With a generous blend of images, presentations are generally more show than tell. Many a times we need to give presentations at places with incompatible infra structures ( sockets, cables, voltage standards, soft interfaces, etc.). At these times, equipped with just a browser and Internet, online presentations become our saviors. Online presentation software, besides overcoming compatibility issues, has a number of advantages such as sharing, collaborating, 247 availability, global presence, device agnosticism, etc., and that is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

A number of online presentation software are available today. These six online presentation software / tools, however, rank at the top; use, enjoy and share your stories.


Fantastic! If you have a browser, you can amaze every one with your presentations or rather emaze presentation slide decks to be precise.

A web app, based on HTML 5, emaze draws its strengths from its professionally designed collection of interactive templates. You just need to select a template, populate your slides with text, images, videos, shapes, 3Ds, etc., and simply put it in the cloud! Being cloud based, you can access it from any where online, using any device with a modern web browser, and can share/ collaborate with the whole world. A major attraction is a built in automated translation tool- so fit for communicating with all the global citizens out there.

The free plan is quite good for individuals. For collaboration, offline viewing, privacy controls, etc., paid plans are available. Educators, students and not for profits can get all the premium features for just $2.90/month. Great pricing!

No downloads, just a sign up, and you are on your way to awesome presentations. Happy presentations!


Haiku Deck

Free. Powerful. A classical tool re-imagined. Originally released as an iPad app, it is now available to every one with a browser as a web app. It offers a number of themes and slide types with an integrated image search. You can access more than 35 million Creative Common images and use them in your presentations.

The theme of this software is story telling; an image rich story in as few words as possible- just like Haiku- the great Japanese genre of poetry. Each slide can accommodate two lines but with automatic font resizing, the text size gets smaller to fit in the allotted space. It is a cool feature that ensures adoption of excellent presentation practices- a single idea in a slide, a few words, excellent readability, succinct expression, great impact and no more dense-text boring slides.

You can share your presentations through Facebook, Twitter or you can simply email them. You can export your presentations in the PPT format. For creating rich blog posts and web pages, you can embed them as well.

A breeze of fresh air in the otherwise suffocating presentation space.



Cool! Powerpoint on steroid. You do not switch from slide to slide, your presentation simply floats on butterfly wings from one area to the next as if it is all a perfectly choreographed flow! There is essentially a feeling of unmatched continuity, courtesy ZOOM, transitions and pathway points that gives this product a huge cinematic appeal.

Template driven, great for dynamic and animated presentations; the learning curve, however, might be a bit steep for some people.


Zoho Show

A great product with 5 GB of free cloud storage. It has a simple UI with very useful contextual menus. With a master slide you can have consistency throughout your presentation. The slide design is customizable, videos and images can be inserted, image editing is pretty cool, and you can apply shape effects for a captivating presentation. On the sharing and collaborating side, Zoho Show offers great features including broadcasting your presentation and publishing it to the web. Not all these features are available for free. To cater to these needs, Zoho has two paid options; Standard and Premium.

Two thumbs up!



A great presentation tool with pulse- real time and present, multidimensional and alive. You can pull live tweets, insert an interactive map, embed streaming audios and videos, etc. You can create layers of stacks i.e., stacks within stacks, or rather, stories within stories. Your stories can be non linear, can have variable depths in different directions and can go tangential, if you want it that way.

A great product. A rich experience. A must try.


Google Slides

Clean. Simple. This software from Google has an intuitive interface and gives you the freedom to create your own styles and tops this up with free storage. The best part is the learning curve- it is a breeze and you can be productive in almost no time. This software comes with a variety of themes and nice animations. Revisions are saved automatically (in Google Drive, of course!) and you can share your work, collaborate with friends and colleagues, and can give presentations live globally. Slides can work offline and it supports Microsoft PowerPoint.

A choice tool for those who love simplicity, have MS PowerPoint legacy assets and are happy with linear presentations.


Try one of the links above, tell your story and let the world be your audience- all for free!