Quick Safari Tip: When Tabs Go Poof!

Reading something interesting/important on the web and thinking that your ‘tab bar’ is messy, overloaded with rectangular blocks and oh-so-totally unmanageable? Uh oh. You just found another important link that is going to result in a swarm of even more tabs. Surrounded by tabs and feeling slightly dizzy, what do you do?

Here comes Safari’s ‘Poof Box’ to the rescue! Simply click, hold and drag the troublemaker ( tab) to any part of the screen except the menu and tab bar, take a deep breath and let go. And wala! The tab goes poof and opens up as a new window. No need to go about opening a window the old-fashioned way. Awesome, right?

From my personal experience, the Poof Box works both in Windows 7 as well as on the Mac.