PoS Solution - Secure, Card-free, using the Veins in your Palm from PulseWallet

Sick of carrying too many of your plastic money, aka credit cards, with you?  Well, help is in sight.  PulseWallet have demonstrated their amazing plastic free, wallet free, secure, always available,hands only Point-of-Sale solution at the gadget show, CES 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

It is a simple yet highly attractive innovation in the domain of identity- a really sensitive territory with all the stealing going around.  Fear no more, you do not need to carry your cards. No swiping required.  You go, you shop, you wave and you come out smiling-that’s all.

PulseWallet uses Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology. It employs near infra red light to shine your spread palm.  A snap of your vein patterns inside your palm is captured.  As NO two hands have the same arrangement of blood vessels, this snap is unique for each individual. This uniqueness empowers us to use it as a unique identifier- a bio identifier.  The system only works when the blood is actively flowing and hence the pattern cannot be duplicated.

The process begins by getting a snap of your palm or rather of the blood vessels there.  This snap is stored and you are asked to get your credit card(s) registered, or Enrolled.

Once this data is recorded by the system, you can do all the shopping without the usual ritual of flashing your card and getting it swiped through the card reader at the check out.  Instead at the payment counter you simply wave your hand to get it scanned, choose one of your enrolled credit cards (linked with your bio-identifier- your palm scan) at the prompt and the amount is charged to your chosen card. 

Neat and simple! No more carrying a stack of cards around.

Your hands are important-just don’t leave home without them.