A Breath Is Enough To Detect Lung Cancer

Lung cancers are difficult to detect at an early stage. Usually they are diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as incurable chronic cough, breath shortness, general fatigue, etc. By the time lung cancers can get detected using X - rays, tumors usually have crossed their smallest and most curable state. In a recent research presented at theEuropean Respiratory Society International Congress in Munich, it has been reported that just by measuring the temperature of the exhaled breath, presence of lung cancers can be detected.

Republique Review - A Stealth-Action RPG for the iPad/iPhone

It’s nice to finally have a wave of role-playing games flooding the App Store. Republique, a stealth-action RPG developed by big names, with backing from the Kickstarter Community is yet another drop in this flood. Based in the state of Metaphorphisis, which has one of those paranoid governments that simply love keeping a close eye on everything, banning and killing people in the name of disrupting peace - a setting unpleasantly close to reality, with mysterious characters such as the ‘Overseer’ and the ‘Headmaster’ ( who, as you’ll later discover, has a rather pompous way of talking), a mysterious young woman (Sigh.

iA Writer- A Great Distraction-Free Focused Writing App For iPad

Writing is bliss, all the more if it is un-distracted. No menu-bar, no tool bar, no buttons- absolutely nothing; just plain white sheet welcoming the flow, catalyzing the creation- from mind to words to paper, un-disturbed, smooth, natural- like the formation of a rainbow or the gentle drops of the spring rain - peaceful and melodious. One of the ipad apps that makes the writing experience so wonderful is iA Writer.

Speed Learning Through Thinking Caps

Brain is an enigma; an excellent servant but a terrible master. It controls us but the moment we try to control it, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. Recent Developments With the progress in science, however, we can now find out what our brains are doing, which of its parts are more active and even, to some extent, what it is thinking, just by looking at the EEG (Electro-encephalogram), fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), etc.

DIY Nano HD - Great iPad App to Teach Cutting Edge Science to Kids

There are new technologies springing up routinely - they come and go; and there are new technologies that can change life as we know it in a deep, profound way- for ever. Nano science / technology is the one that tops the list of such profound emerging sciences / technologies. Nano can encompass almost all aspects of life- medicine, computers, materials- nothing is beyond its reach. The most interesting aspect of it is its slow, hush-hush way of moving forward - almost as quietly as the rising tide with an equally loud and deep impact but only much longer lasting.

25 Awesome Open Online Educational Resources - Videos, Ideas, Materials, Books and More

The open seas of on-line learning has quite an interesting Eco-system. MOOCs, without any doubt, are one of the most dominating species, but there are others, often working in the background, keeping the system thriving and sustaining. Open Educational Resources are one of those entities that makes online learning all that rich and vibrant. These educational resources complement and supplement MOOCs on the one hand and, going further, they enable a large body of learners, both traditional school/ college going students as well as self learners and, the teachers as well, by providing open, share-able, often modifiable, mix-able and remix-able (depending upon the licenses), syllabi, contents, books, videos, slides, and other assets.

Google’s Open Source Educational Tool Oppia: Interactive Learning - Smart, Easy, Online

The educational landscape is continuously proving its never failing potentials to surprise us. First it was the exploitation of Internet in the domain of teaching, from emailing to chatting to online educational resources. Then there was this big wave of MOOCs that is still going strong. We also saw SPOC and MOOR, MOOCs variants or rather MOOC inspired form of online delivery of education and research. Now Google has come up with an altogether new twist to the learning and teaching experience through its project Oppia.

A Simple Way to Connect to Remote FTP Sever on Mac

In Mac OS X, connection can directly be made to a remote FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, from within the OS, without using any additional software. The easiest way is to open the Finder Window and select the from the main menu Go -> connect to Server. A dialog box will appear. Enter the server name (including ftp://) and click connect. You can then login either as a guest user or enter username/password for registered accounts.

How to Block Messages in iMessage on Mac

Blocking certain people in the Contacts from sending iMessages on Mac is finally now an option with the OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update. Following are the steps for adding people from Contacts in the blocked list. To block an email address, it needs to be present in the Contacts. From within the iMessage application, go to Messages -> Preferences Select Accounts Select the iMessage Account from the left-pane and then select the Blocked tab Click the** +** button on the bottom-left corner and the Contacts list will appear.

Digital Interactive Ad that Blows the Mind - Err Hair!

Interaction, engagement and responsiveness are great trends of our times. From social media, website design to advertisements, the trend is all too catching. Digital Billboard from British Airways is an amazing example of interactive advertisement. Now it appears the human ingenuity is as limitless as his imaginations are and sky is not the limit. This time another brilliant interactive advertisement has been found deep under the ground-in Stockholm, Sweden. The digital screen in the subway advertises a new line of hair care products through a picture of products and a woman.