OSTI - A Gem of Scientific Repositories

Talking about scientific and technical databases/ repositories, no one can afford to miss OSTI.

Office Of Scientific And Technical Information (www.osti.gov)

A real giant. Dedicated and committed to America’s science and technology future in the realms of energy security, environmental stewardship, nuclear security and safety, and overall leadership in science, technology, creativity and innovation, the site is run by the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE). It strives to provide comprehensive access to the results of the DOE research and development investments. Presently DOE’s lab and grantee scientists are producing 25,000 peer- reviewed accepted manuscripts per year. This site provides free public access to them, a great service indeed. This free availability of high quality research results is advancing scientific progress, catalyzing creativity, and boosting commercial innovation.

The home page points to a number of rich resources such as:

SciTech Connect- provides searchable information related to science, technology, and engineering research information from the DOE.

DOE Pages- provides public access to DOE funded peer-reviewed journal articles and accepted manuscripts. Presently in Beta.

DOE Data Explorer- as the name says it, you can search for energy and science research data collections and non-text information from the U.S. DOE.

DOepatents- provides searchable collection of patents resulting from DOE- sponsored research and development from 1940s to today.

E-Print Network- an integrated network of information in E-print formats in the areas of basic and applied sciences, all searchable. This site acts as a gateway to over 35000 websites and data bases with more than 5.5 million e-prints.

Science Cinema- Highlights scientific videos featuring state of the art research from DOE. Searchable- courtesy audio indexing and speech recognition technology from Microsoft Research.

National Library of Energy - Gateway to information across the DOE including R&D, Market Information and Analysis, Energy and Technology for Industry and Homeowners, etc.

science.gov - Gateway to all things science from more than 60 databases and over 2200 websites from 15 federal agencies for a total of more than 200 million pages.

WorlWideScience.org - for searching global science information with multilingual translations searching.

DOE Science Showcase: Earth System Models- An impressive showcase of DOE’s achievements in high resolution climate simulations addressing climate system changes and related societal issues pertaining to future energy use and technology.

Visit the site. You will be delighted!