NoteShelf for iPad Revisit - The Trance Continues

It has been more than a year since I wrote about Noteshelf- a paperless note taking app for the iPad. Sometime back I received an email from Julia, a Noteshelf team member, enlightening me about some of the new features of this app. Well, being a passionate user, my experience with Noteshelf had always been so immersive that I needed this wake up call to come back to the real world and take note of the sea change.

Yes, Noteshelf has grown a lot across the board. From features to interface, from bug fixes to new writing instruments, huge improvements are everywhere!


Some of the more interesting and noteworthy enrichments over the year are: ]

1.  Air Transfer

The app now allows you to wirelessly backup, archive and share your notebooks- courtesy Air Transfer.

2. Auto-publish to Evernote

You can publish your selected notebooks automatically to your Evernote account, including Tags.

3. Palm Rejection

This very nice feature has further improved and is now even more diversified. It now caters to different writing styles, including left-handed writing! A very welcome feature.

4. Support For MS Office

Your Office assets are welcome at Noteshelf! Word, PowerPoint and Excel files can now be imported and annotated.

5. Stylus/ Smartpen Support

Support for digital writing instruments has been substantially enhanced. You can now use FiftyThree Bluetooth stylus, Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Fineline and the latest arrival in the family of supported instruments, Livescribe 3 Smartpen. Besides, the selection and management of writing tools is now much richer and very much improved.

6. G Drive Support

You can import and export back your documents via your G Drive account.

The overall Noteshelf experience has turned even more magical. It is the net impact of the improvements mentioned above as well as many other refinements like iOS 8 compatibility, sleeker looks, improved Page Finder screens, new PDF Papers, better Text Mode inside notebooks, etc., along with the classical mesmerizing fluidity of the lens that I still find myself in a state of trance while experiencing Noteshelf.

Let the enchantment continue.

On the more practical side, there are two enhancements that will add a lot to this app.

  1. Image Repositioning- you just tap and hold and move the image to the position of your choice.

  2. Editing notes overlaid on the image without erasing the image- something a la Apple Pages/ Penultimate.

I hope the Noteshelf fairy to be gracious enough to grant these wishes to the delight of its enchanted admirers.