Noteshelf App for iPad: The Experience that Mesmerised Me!

Lately, I had been looking for an iPad handwriting app that can give me the feel of real paper and ink. I tried quite a number of apps, from simple to sophisticated ones, but they all lacked in terms of the real experience.

In the meantime, I went through some app reviews and decided to try Noteshelf. Purchased it, installed it and lo! It was electric! By the way, I’m very fond of fountain pens and at times, I’ve spent quite a fortune on them. The ink, the pen, the way a pen carries through the strokes, the fine flow at the end of y’s and the beauty of looping through p’s and d’s - they are all a matter of great joy to me.

With the set of fountain pens in Noteshelf, I experienced the magical fluidity of the ink engine and the silk fabric of the woven alphabets; it was enchanting to say the least. The experience of using the pencil collection is equally mind-blowing. I found the ball point pens great, in spite of my aversion to the use of real ball point pens.

Fountain pens

Coming to the app features, the one I liked most was the auto wrist guard. A smart effort to turn iPad writing to the bliss of writing on paper - the old fashioned way.

As far as the interface is concerned, it is very intuitive and smart; a rather rare combination of beauty and brains! Collection of notebook covers, paper styles, their arrangements on the shelf, the wooden look of the shelf - they are all just great!


I would say that the overall experience of using this app is beyond words, specially for someone who loves fountain pens and reaches ecstasy while writing on paper.