Mood Sweater Electronically Paints Your Heart on Your Couture

Human communication is too big a task to be left to words only, but in real life these are all we have-words- to communicate. Now, Sensoree, an externalized intimacy focused entity, has come up with their Mood Sweater, a wearable tech that acts as a canvas for the dynamic painting of the wearer’s inner feelings - all in real time. It is as if an electronic Van Gogh is continuously painting your heart on your sweater using light of different colors instead of paints!

The underlying technology is, however, quite simple. A natural phenomenon known as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) exists due to which skin conductance varies varies with ones mood. Using this phenomenon sensors worn on the hands read excitement levels (essentially skin conductance values) and translates them through a palette of affective colors. From green through blue, purple and red all the way to yellow, the rich palette reflects the emotional states of tranquil, calm, excitement, nervous and blissful.

The so called Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER) sensors are hooked up to the high collar that glows in different hues corresponding to different emotional states speaking the wearer’s mood through the language of colors- loud and clear.

Creative indeed!