Intel Edison- An SD Card Sized Dual Core 22nm Tech PC for Wearables

Intel announced Edison, a processor for wearables at CES 2014.  CEO Brian Krzanich introduced this 22nm technology, dual core, Quark SoC based processor capable of running Linux and other Operating Systems, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.  It supports Wolfram Alpha and have its own dedicated Edison-Centric App Store!

Intel demoed the potentials of this “Pentium-Class PC in the form factor of an SD Card” through some interesting applications.  The more interesting ones were a pair of battery less, energy harvesting earbuds that track biometrics while playing audio, a charging bowl that charges wearables dropped in them (such as the smart earbuds) and a clip-on smart baby monitor that can be linked to an Edison powered bottle warmer that warms and readies itself whenever the monitor sends the signal that the baby is hungry as suggested by her movements.  

To catalyze creativity and Edison-centric innovations in the domain of wearable computing and Internet of Things, Intel also announced a competition with a prize money totaling $1.3 millions along with Intel’s support for the top-ten innovations.