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How to try AI-Powered Virtual Try-on for Free

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We've all been there - eyeing a cute top or sharp blazer online, but hesitating to click "purchase" because sizing uncertainties leave us wondering "Will it actually look good on me?" Thanks to cutting-edge AI, those frustrating fitting room dilemmas when shopping for clothes online could soon be a thing of the past.

Virtual try-on technology powered by artificial intelligence is bringing the dressing room experience to your device. By simply uploading your photo and the desired clothing image, AI models can generate shockingly realistic visualizations showing you exactly how those garments would look on your body.

How to try Virtual try-on for free

  1. Go to this HuggingFace demo of IDM-VTON

  2. Upload your photo as well as a photo of the clothing item.

  3. Press the Tryon button at the bottom and wait for the generated output

IDM-VTON and similar AI virtual try-on models are poised to be as transformative for online fashion as "View in My Room" capabilities were for furniture retailers. By bridging the gap between digital and physical, this AI technology creates a smooth, intuitive dressing room experience on our devices.

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