How to Switch Google+ Stream from Multi-Column View to Single Column

Google has recently updated Google+ with 41 new features.  This major update includes a revamp of the web UI that is now responsive and displays the posts in multi-column format.

The good news is that Google has also provided the option of switching back to single-column view for those G+ users who prefer viewing their stream in single-column format.

In Google+, select the Home stream button.  In the top menubar, look for ‘More’ drop-down menu; select it and click the single column layout icon.

stream layout G+

This option, however, only changes the format of posts in Home Stream.  If you also want to see the posts in ‘What’s Hot’ and Communities in single-column, then go to Account Settings -> Google + and select the Accessibility checkbox as shown below:

accessibility G+

Enjoy the uncluttered and headache-free single-column layout of Google+ posts!