Gesture Control for Freedom Lovers

So what is wrong with all the camera based gesture control boxes? Well, you become physically all tied up with the camera! And perhaps, you don’t like being watched by the camera all the time.

Want more freedom? A little privacy too? Relax. Smile. Throw away the camera based box, wrap around a small band on the forearm and enjoy your freedom! “Very cool and impressive ” in the words of Steve Wozniak.

Myo- Wearable Gesture Control. Image Credit: Myo

This new band, Myo, is designed and build by Thalmic Labs, a Canadian startup. Presently in the preorder stage, Myo is designed to sense your muscle activity as well as motion itself down to the precision of a single finger. Using these as inputs, it can recognize around 20 different gestures such as swiping and scrolling up or down. Using Bluetooth 4, it can work with Windows and Mac based machines and is available for pre-order at $149 a piece. Very cool indeed.

Developers’ API is planned to be released soon. So get your creative juices running for fantastic new gesture based applications!