Digital Interactive Ad that Blows the Mind - Err Hair!

Interaction, engagement and responsiveness are great trends of our times. From social media, website design to advertisements, the trend is all too catching.  Digital Billboard from British Airways is an amazing example of interactive advertisement.  Now it appears the human ingenuity is as limitless as his imaginations are and sky is not the limit.  This time another brilliant interactive advertisement has been found deep under the ground-in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The digital screen in the subway advertises a new line of hair care products through a picture of products and a woman. Nothing special. The moment a train arrives and pulls in the station, a sudden gust of wind is generated; and lo, the woman’s hair magically begins to blow in the air!  Amazing.

Well, the magic is not in the screen - it is in the smart brains of the people running Aportek Hjartat, makers of the hair care, Akestam Holst, the ad agency and, of course, the Creative Director, Andreas Ullenius.

Sonic sensors fitted on the screen sense (rather hear!) the arrival of the train and trigger the display from a still picture to a video clip-with the hair blowing, a little smile and all that stuff! 

Super cool,highly contextualized, deeply engaging and deceptively simple, a marvelous piece of advertisement!

Watch it here!