Digital Billboards from British Airways Know All About The Planes Flying Above!

Technology at times just leave us speechless.  When it gets combined with ingenuity, the experience becomes all the more dramatic.  This has been amply demonstrated by British Airways and the geniuses at Oglivy, the ad-agency, through BA’s new “interactive billboards” located in London’s Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick.

Part of BA’s “Magic of Flying” campaign, these billboards apparently interact with the BA’s plane flying overhead. The display changes to a  child standing up and pointing at the BA plane when one flies by.  As if the magic was not enough, the actual flight number and route are also displayed. WOW!

It is as if by some magic the billboard child recognizes BA’s plane, knows it’s flight number and route, stands up, points at the plane and give us the relevant details!

These boards use custom surveillance technology and a ton of novelty.  Simply mesmerizing!