MOOC, SPOC, MOOR And The Walking Dead - The Journey Continues

When Technoduet first published its list of MOOC Providers about six months back, there were just 26 names. Now it has 40 and growing. Not only number of MOOC providers has multiplied, MOOC themselves have diversified. We now have SPOC, MOOR and even a MOOC based on a popular TV series. The maturity, diversification and popularity of MOOC are all going up. SPOC SPOC, acronym for small,private on-line courses is a recent bold initiative by Harvard University, something they term “post-MOOC”.

Complexity Explorer and Santa Fe Institute - Complexity Introduced

Life comprises of complex systems. From enigmatic climate change to erratic stock market behavior, from human evolution to the working of the immune systems, there is a lot more complexities at work than what appears to the untrained eye at first. To understand, better appreciate and further explore complexity and complex systems, Santa Fe Institute was established in 1984. It is a private, not for profit, independent research and education center.

ReadKit Review - A Feature-Rich Mac RSS and Read Later App

ReadKit is a combined RSS and read later Mac app that offers a number of promising features that are quite suitable for any serious newsreader user. In addition to working as a standalone RSS reader without any sync services, ReadKit offers support for a number of RSS, Read Later and Bookmark services. The supported services include Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler; Instapaper, Pocket and Readability; Pinboard and Delicious. ReadKit is essentially a unified app where you can do all your reading in one place and can easily drag and drop items between the registered accounts.

Sprinkle Review - A Water Based Puzzle Game for the iPad

Experience H2O in a completely new way with Sprinkle! Armed with a crane mounted water cannon, move rocks, operate levers, turn water mills, and use pulleys to manipulate your surroundings, prevent the huts of the inhabitants of Titan from burning down and save the day! Never thought water could do so much? Well, think again! Talk about firefighting in style! Compared to the much acclaimed simulation game ‘Angry Birds’, Sprinkle is actually more challenging than the former.

10 Kid-Friendly Browsers for the iPad

Safari on iPad can be completely disabled to prevent kids from accessing internet. However, it does not provide any option of content filtering for a safe browsing experience for kids. Here is a list of 10 browser apps for kids that apparently make web browsing child-safe by either blocking inappropriate content or by restricting access only to certain parent-approved sites. 1. MetaCert Browser MetaCert Browser ( ) blocks 700+ million web pages and provides filtered image and video searches.

MOOC Update - Three New Massive Open Online Courses Providers

TechnoDuet first published its A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers, sometime back. Our objective is to keep the list current and as such we have thrice appended the list over the past months. Now, we are here once again with three new additions to our list of MOOC providers. We have appended the list accordingly. Poynter’s News University This is an online journalism and media training program.

Brusheez Review - an iPad/iPhone App that Makes Dental Care Fun for Kids

Let’s face it. Dental hygiene isn’t exactly the most fun thing out there, especially for little kids. So after chasing them around the house armed with a tooth brush, and perhaps a scolding or two, what’s the new strategy? Resorting to horror stories about icky bite-sized monsters who like to dig holes in ‘mouth caves’, and eventually establish their own ‘Mouthidom’? Nah. Shondicon presents a much faster and easier way: Brusheez - an interactive, educational app that’ll make brushing their teeth the new ‘in thing’ for kids.

5 Awesome Free iPhone/iPad Apps for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Feeling stressed? Relax and rejuvenate by immersing yourself in the beauty of nature right on your iPhone/iPad! Enjoy, for example, the calming sound of waterfall mixed with the lively chirping of birds along with flute playing in the background while playing interactively with water, watching a serene landscape or even while sleeping. Here is our selection of free* iphone/ipad apps to help you relax. 1. Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite This app includes 22 awesome pre-defined sound themes like Mountain Ambience, Jungle (Thailand), Water and Sky etc.

handyPrint: Print from an iPad without AirPrint Printer

Apple’s AirPrint technology makes it very convenient to print directly from an iOS device, without any hassle of configuration or driver installation. However, if your printer is not AirPrint-enabled, you can still use your existing printer to print from iPad or iPhone by taking advantage of a number of 3rd party softwares available for this purpose. HandyPrint is one such application for Mac OSX that enables you to use non-AirPrint compatible printer from iPod/iPhone/iPad, running iOS 4.

The 3 Best Educational iPad Apps Released in Q1 2013

Year 2013 has started with the release of quite a number of quality educational iPad apps. Here is our selection of the top 3 iPad apps, released during January - March 2013, that are informative, interactive, as well as extremely well-designed. All these apps were free at the time of writing of this post. EarthViewer  EarthViewer is an interactive educational iPad app, developed by BioInteractive team at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.