Best AI Writing Software for Content Generation in 2022

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the writing world as we know it. It has already revolutionized countless industries in the form of automation, and is poised to impact the creative industries in the near future.

Some of the more developed tools are designed to predict the structure of a piece of writing, and others are created to assist the writer in their creative endeavours.

Although AI writing software still has a long way to go, it is already good enough to be a starting point for many writers. They’re currently in a phase of rapid development with an influx of new funding. Their ultimate purpose is to provide an easy way for writers to create unique content for business, education and entertainment

Top AI Writing Tools

Below is our selection of three AI Writing software for automatic content generation and writing assistance:


Jarvis supports creation of a wide variety of content including website copy, emails, blog post introduction and conclusion, stories, product descriptions, Facebook and Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, Quora answers, review responder and many more.

Javris also includes a content improver for paraphrasing purposes as well as a sentence expander that can elaborate when given a few words. Grammarly is also included for mistake-free writing. Another important feature is integration with for SEO optimisation.

There are 50+ templates for various writing tasks. Jarvis supports 25+ languages.

Pricing starts from $29 monthly for 20,000 words.


Rytr also enables content generation for many scenarios including blog idea & outline, blog sections, business idea pitch, emails, job descriptions, ads, interview questions, song lyrics, testimonials and more. It supports generating output in 30 languages.

Rytr has builtin plagiarism checker as well as native SEO toolkit to help you optimize long-form content.

The monthly plan starts at $29 but it also offers a lifetime free plan that allows you to generate 5000 characters per month.


Nichesss is another AI copywriting tool that can generate numerous different content types with a few inputs. It also includes AI powered business idea generator. Nichesss has built in plagiarism detecto as well.

Here is a generated content about Nichesss by Nichesss!:

“Nichesss is a software that has been designed to help you write sentence easily and quickly. Nichesss makes life easier for the writer, who can now focus on the content and the story rather than on writing. Nichesss is a well-designed tool for catchy writing and it’s free to try. Its interface has been designed to be intuitive and approachable, with a friendly, minimalistic design.”

Nichess starts from $19 monthly plan with unlimited credit. It has also a lifetime deal for $59 at APP Sumo.