7 Cool Mac Safari Tips for an Enhanced Browsing Experience

Use these time-saving tips for Safari on Mac, Mountain Lion, to surf internet the smart way!


For quickly bookmarking a page, simply drag the Favicon - the small image besides the website address/URL in a browser’s address field - to the** bookmark bar. The favicon can also be dragged and dropped to Safari’s Reading List** for quick saving of an article for later reading. Moreover, you can even drag and drop Favicon to the Notes app in Mountain Lion![favicon URL bookmark](http://www.technoduet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/favicon-URL-bookmark.jpeg)


Do you like to read an online article while holding a cup of coffee in your hand? Just press the Spacebar with your other hand and the webpage will scroll down one screen. Pressing Shift + Spacebar will scroll up. Simple.


Did you ever want Safari NOT to open the tabs and windows from a previous session? Just press the Shift key while launching Safari and it will prevent reopening of previous session windows and tabs.


In case, you DO want to open tabs and windows from a previous session after say mistakenly closing them, select History -> Reopen All windows from Last Session. Cool.


Some websites force the visitors to use a particular web browser. Instead of opening the website in another browser, you can simply visit the website right from Safari by changing the user agent. 

user agent Mac Safari

To enable this option, from the Safari menubar, go to: Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced. Select the option: **Show the Develop menu in menu bar:

develop menu Safari
** Now, whenever you wish to change the user agent, just select from the menu bar Develop -> User Agent 


If you quickly want to go into Private Browsing mode, without that irritating confirmation message box showing up every time, simply press the Option key while clicking Safari -> Private browsing from the menubar.


While browsing, usually, a number of tabs get opened. To quickly close all tabs except the one currently active, Press the Option Key and select File - > Close Other Tabs