25 Awesome Open Online Educational Resources - Videos, Ideas, Materials, Books and More

The open seas of on-line learning has quite an interesting Eco-system.  MOOCs, without any doubt, are one of the most dominating species, but there are others, often working in the background, keeping the system thriving and sustaining. Open Educational Resources are one of those entities that makes online learning all that rich and vibrant. These educational resources complement and supplement MOOCs on the one hand and, going further, they enable a large body of learners, both traditional school/ college going students as well as self learners and, the teachers as well, by providing open, share-able, often modifiable, mix-able and remix-able (depending upon the licenses), syllabi, contents, books, videos, slides, and other assets.  These resources are mostly open, free, often downloadable as pdf, ePub, or other formats and, are quite valuable in terms of the contents.

Below is a list of the open educational resources/ repositories.

1.  Connexions - (cnx.org)

A great place for modular educational materials, that can be freely mixed and organized as books, course materials, or even as an entire course.

2.  OpenStax College - (openstaxcollege.org)

A very good site offering peer-reviewed textbooks by professional content developers meeting the scope and sequence requirements for many courses. A very large number of schools have already adopted OpenStax College books.

3.  Open Text Book Library - (open.umn.edu/opentextbooks)

As the name indicates, this site is dedicated to text books covering diverse domains such as Accounting and Finance, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, besides others.

4.  MERLOT - (merlot.org)

A rich collection of open, peer-reviewed, online teaching and learning materials along with faculty developed services with the patronage of an international education community.

5.  Open Course Library - (opencourselibrary.org)

Free to use, high quality, browsable and, downloadable courses stored in Google docs.  Simply download, remix and, teach!

6.  The Orange Grove - (florida.theorangegrove.org/)

This is Florida’s digital repository for educational resources providing educators the opportunity to use, remix, contribute and share; suitable for K-12 and Higher Education.

7.  College Open Textbooks - (collegeopentextbooks.org/)

Another great resource for open text books and teaching/ learning materials with prime focus on community colleges and the first two years of 4-year institutions.

8.  OER Commons - (oercommons.org/)

This is a digital content hub offering road maps, training, tools and, of course, contents from around the world in a number of academic areas, many formats and, from pre-school to graduate/ professional levels along with adult education.

9. Saylor - (saylor.org/)

This is Saylor Academy’s site offering resources in the form of courses at the University, K-12, and Professional Development levels.

10. Curriki - (curriki.org/)

A great place for vetted and organized educational resources including lessons, etextbooks, complete courses, projects, labs and interactive simulations, videos, assessments and discussion boards as well!

11. ck-12 - (ck12.org/)

This site provides a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, etc. covering more than 5000 concepts in varied areas to support K-12 STEM education under the patronage of  non-profit CK-12 Foundation.

12. Bookboon - (bookboon.com/)

Another great site offering more than a thousand ebooks, in seven languages, free to download - no registration required.  Courtesy Venus Publishing, Denmark.

13. Open Courseware Consortium - (ocwconsortium.org/)

A worldwide community of institutions related to higher education offering resources in course format, including planning materials, such as syllabi and course calendars, thematic materials like text books, lectures, notes, etc.

14. Open Culture - (openculture.com/)

A site offering more than 800 free courses, along with free audio books, ebooks and text books.

15.  NASA - (nasawavelength.org/)

A treasure trove for educators of all levels in the domains of earth and space sciences- peer reviewed!

16.  Khan Academy - (khanacademy.org/)

A non-profit, providing educational resources to anyone, anywhere- free. Requires registration.

17.  Open Source Education Foundation -((osef.org/)

A great place for all things related to free and open source software in the educational realm.

18.  Creative Commons - (creativecommons.org/)

A not for profit organization that enables sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through its legal tools -  a must visit site to understand the legality of building upon the work of others or offering your own work to others to build upon.

19.  Open Education Database - (oedb.org/)

Open Education Database is an online education directory listing free as well as for-credit learning options from certificate/ diploma through bachelor’s all the way to doctorate levels.

20. Open Tapestry - (hopentapestry.com/)

A good place to discover, curate, mix/ add, and share open educational contents- for free.  The premium version offers custom domain, LMS Integration, password protection, etc. at a price.

21. Academic Earth - (academicearth.org/)

This site offers a collection of free on line college courses - from certificates to doctoral levels along with its own learning-outside-the-class-room  videos.

22. OER - (orbit.educ.cam.ac.uk)

A very good site from University of Cambridge offering open resources for teacher education- a great place for interactive teaching assets.

23. OER Knowledge Cloud - (oerknowledgecloud.org/)

The Open Educational Resources Knowledge Cloud offers services to identify, collect, preserve and disseminate valuable documents to researchers, industry, government, scholars, writers, historians, journalists and informal learners - an initiative by UNESCO/ COL.

24. LiveBinders - (livebinders.com/)

This site enables you to put all your digital assets - Google Docs, videos, webpages, PDFs, presentations, etc., in one nice digital binder.  A real nice place to collect and organize your resources along with exploring, copying and sharing resources from different binders including educational binders.

25. Good Sites for Kids - (goodsitesforkids.org/)

A good place for lesson plans and index of kid sites in a variety of areas such as history, archaeology, mathematics, etc.