How to View and Edit History of Your +1 Activity on Google+ Posts

Google+ gives the option of keeping track of all the +1s on Google+ posts.  To review your +1s history and make any changes, simply follow the following steps. 

[box color=IBOutline]Please note that the following steps are for tracking your +1s on Google+ posts and not for the web content that you +1d outside Google+. The +1s on websites can be viewed and edited via the +1Tab on your Google+ Profile. [/box]

1.   Go to the Google+ Account Settings. From the main Google+ menu, click settings Google+ Settings.

2.   Under Apps and Activities, click ‘Manage Apps and Activities’

Google+ Manage Apps and Activities

3.   Select ‘Log’ 

Google+ +1 Activity Log

4.   You can now view and edit the posts that you’ve +1d. 

Edit +1 History on G+ posts

Clicking on any post will open the post so that you can review it. Selecting the ‘X’ button, as shown in the above screenshot, will delete your +1 as well as remove it from the activity log.


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