How to Automatically Send Gmail Attachments to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive

Intelligently automating various online tasks can result in increased productivity. One such case is that of automatically sending the received attachments in Gmail to cloud storage. A number of solutions exist for automating this task; below is a step-by-step guide of using the popular service IFTTT  to automatically send Gmail attachments to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive.

Create a free account on or login to an existing one.

  1. Select ‘Create‘ 
  2. In the first section titled ‘Create a Recepie’: Select ‘thisifttt
  3. Choose Trigger Channel: Select Gmail (You’ll need to authorize IFTTT to use Gmail if not done before)
  4. Choose a Trigger: Select ‘Add New Attachment’choose trigger
  5. Complete Trigger Fields: Click ‘Create Trigger’
  6. Select ‘that’ifttt that
  7. Choose Action Channel:  Select Dropbox (or Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive) – Authorization by the cloud storage services will be needed for IFTTT access.
  8. Choose an Action: Select ‘Add File from URL’
  9. Complete Action Fields: Click ‘Create Action’
  10. Create and Activate: Click ‘Create Recepie’

Done! By default, files will be stored in the folder IFTTT/Gmail. The location of folder, file name etc. can be customized in step 9. The attachment file limit is set as 30MB.


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