A Breath Is Enough To Detect Lung Cancer

Lung cancers are difficult to detect at an early stage. Usually they are diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as incurable chronic cough, breath shortness, general fatigue, etc. By the time lung cancers can get detected using X – rays, tumors usually have crossed their smallest and most curable […]

Speed Learning Through Thinking Caps

Brain is an enigma; an excellent servant but a terrible master.  It controls us but the moment we try to control it, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. Recent Developments With the progress in science, however, we can now find out what our brains are doing, which of its parts […]

Big Data Processing Using Hadoop

As a CS freshman I was required to present on an emerging technology of my choice. I chose Big Data Processing Using Hadoop, with the focus being on general understanding of the core rather than technical depth. So here is a four part general write up: Part 1 covers the […]