Big Data Processing Using Hadoop

As a CS freshman I was required to present on an emerging technology of my choice. I chose Big Data Processing Using Hadoop, with the focus being on general understanding of the core rather than technical depth. So here is a four part general write up:

Part 1 covers the very fundamentals of Big Data and Google’s milestone contribution towards its processing.

Part 2 discusses the development of Hadoop- an open source approach for the processing of Big Data.

Part 3 focuses on the MapReduce Framework.

Part 4 presents a simplified illustrative example focussing on just the core of the working of the MapReduce Framework.


[box color=IBBlue]A four part  Big Data Series:

Part 1: Big Data, GFS and MapReduce – Google’s Historic Contributions
Part 2: Hadoop – The Open Source Approach To Big Data Processing You Ought To Know
Part 3: MapReduce – The Big Data Crunching Framework
Part 4: MapReduce Framework – How Does It Work?



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