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About Yusra Haider

Yusra Haider is an undergraduate Computer Science student who is just warming up to the global reach, greater interactions, intellectually and socially engaging opportunities of our times aka blogging. She has participated in a few MOOC courses and apparently she is hooked. Would love to have comments, feedback, criticism, accolades and all that lies in between at yusra.haider@technoduet.com

Republique Review – A Stealth-Action RPG for the iPad/iPhone

With eye-popping graphics, a beautifully blended soundtrack, amazing voice acting, the unique stealth-action gameplay, and a twisting plot packing quite a few surprises, Republique is bound to take you on a fast track albeit unusual ride. Revolving around the perils of over the top government surveillance, this RPG is a must try in this age of Internet!

Big Data Processing Using Hadoop

As a CS freshman I was required to present on an emerging technology of my choice. I chose Big Data Processing Using Hadoop, with the focus being on general understanding of the core rather than technical depth. So here is a four part general write up: Part 1 covers the […]