10 Kid-Friendly Browsers for the iPad

kid-friendly Browsers for iPad. Maxthon Safari on iPad can be completely disabled to prevent kids from accessing internet. However, it does not provide any option of content filtering for a safe browsing experience for kids. Here is a list of 10 browser apps for kids that apparently make web browsing child-safe by either blocking inappropriate content or by restricting access only to certain parent-approved sites. 

1. MetaCert Browser

MetaCert Browser blocks 700+ million web pages and provides filtered image and video searches. The app lists popular websites, from social media to file sharing, that can be selectively blocked with ease. Parents can also view and keep track of the date and time of visited websites.

2. Kids Browser

The user-interface is kid friendly making it visually appealing to kids. The browser lets kids visit only the sites bookmarked by parents/guardians. Colorful snapshots of websites can be used as bookmarks, thus making it easier for kids to quickly identify the website.

3. Surfboard for Kids

Surfboard offers content filtration by allowing parents to create a black list of key words; websites are then blocked accordingly. There are many advanced features in this browser including   translation of pages, drawing program, source code viewing, built-in RSS, video / audio podcast decoder, integrated calculator and an internet radio.

4. Mobicip Safe Browser

The browser offers Safari-like interface and  provides various levels of content filtering. Websites can be filtered by categories, keywords and phrases, allowed/blocked lists, age etc. Youtube filter restricts videos depending on the video’s title, description and keywords.

5. ZillyDilly for iPad

 An app developed by psychiatrist Eitan Schwarz, MD. Browsing is limited to ZillyDilly team’s handpicked curated list. Parents can view the time spent on websites and can remotely turn off internet.

6. McGruff SafeGuard Browser

The Safari-like browser has multi-user support. Websites can be allowed/blocked by age, category (over 100 categories) or names. There is an optional full-restriction mode that allows only websites included in the white list to be viewed. Parents can get activity reports via email.

7. Ranger Browser

The browser includes a customizable internet filter that includes a combination of black and white lists for a safe browsing experience. The app also lets parents set time limits for internet access.

8. Browser for Kids

The app provides up to seven dedicated buttons on the home screen for quick access to allowed sites. Parents can set filters to list the allowed websites and place time limits on internet access.

9. Maxthon Kids Browser

The design of this browser is bright and colorful with big buttons to provide ease of navigation for kids. All sites are blocked except the allowed sites that can be customized by entering a password.

10. Safe Web for Kids

Safe Web limits surfing only to the websites and domains included in the customized white list. It supports tabbed (limited to 8) browsing.


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