OSTI – A Gem of Scientific Repositories

Talking about scientific and technical databases/ repositories, no one can afford to miss OSTI. Office Of Scientific And Technical Information A real giant. Dedicated and committed to America’s science and technology future in the realms of energy security, environmental stewardship, nuclear security and safety, and overall leadership in science, technology, […]

Six Great Free Online Presentation Software

Presentations play a central role in almost all areas of group communications. With a generous blend of images, presentations are generally more show than tell. Many a times we need to give presentations at places with incompatible infra structures ( sockets, cables, voltage standards, soft interfaces, etc.). At these times, […]

A Breath Is Enough To Detect Lung Cancer

Lung cancers are difficult to detect at an early stage. Usually they are diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as incurable chronic cough, breath shortness, general fatigue, etc. By the time lung cancers can get detected using X – rays, tumors usually have crossed their smallest and most curable […]

Republique Review – A Stealth-Action RPG for the iPad/iPhone

With eye-popping graphics, a beautifully blended soundtrack, amazing voice acting, the unique stealth-action gameplay, and a twisting plot packing quite a few surprises, Republique is bound to take you on a fast track albeit unusual ride. Revolving around the perils of over the top government surveillance, this RPG is a must try in this age of Internet!